The smile is our business card. A “perfect” smile is one that keeps the features of their individual smile and highlights them in a harmonious way, a smile that seems natural.
When you choose our clinic, no one will realize you have dental veneers, but everyone will admire your extraordinarily beautiful smile.

What are dental veneers?

Fine porcelain sheets permanently applied on the surface of the teeth in order to solve various dental problems (tooth stains, unpleasant shape, interdental spaces or crowding) and which has extraordinary long-lasting results (you can enjoy dental veneers for 15-20 years). They are perfectly compatible with the enamel of the natural teeth and can be made of materials such as emax ceramics, zirconium or composite.

How much does it affect my teeth?

Dental veneers are minimally invasive. In most cases a very fine sanding is required tooth (0.2 – 0.5 mm), so that the intervention is almost imperceptible. There are also situations where sanding is not required at all (no-prep veneers) – if the patient has spacing between teeth for example. Dental veneers do not affect the marginal periodontium (gums) either they stick on the natural tooth and respect the apical contour.

How durable are dental veneers?

Dental veneers, especially ceramic veneers, are made to last 15 to 20 years or more. They do not require special care, only regular brushing, flossing and annual visits to the dental office. Veneers maintain the initial shade of white and are not affected by pigmented from food or beverages (coffee, tea, red wine). There are no food restrictions of any kind, but you will avoid breaking hard foods with the teeth on which the veneers were applied.

How many veneers do I need?

Dental veneers are not mandatory, they are an option. If you are not satisfied with the look of your smile or the appearance of certain teeth or you simply want a whiter smile, veneers can be an option. Dentists also recommend them to correct certain problems, such as slightly misaligned teeth or teeth that can no longer be whitened. Dental veneers can be applied on a single tooth, on a set of teeth or on all teeth, depending on your needs and budget. The look of the smile can be completely changed even if you opt to apply veneers only on the frontal teeth, but this means that the other teeth should be in perfect condition, so that there is no noticeable difference or choose a more natural color for the veneers so that it maches the existing teeth.

Will I be left with sensitive teeth?

Most patients feel a dental sensitivity generated by cementation but this is a natural response to the bonding cement. The pain can last up to 6 hours from the moment the effect of anesthesia has passed and may reappear in waves. The first days after the intervention represent an accommodation period, which means that a slight discomfort may occur during chewing but the sensation will disappear. There is also a healing process that the gums must go through to accommodate with new teeth. Pain medication can help you. On average, patients completely forget that they have dental veneers after about a month, feeling them exactly like natural teeth.

Inlay / Onlay / Overlay - TEHNOLOGIE CAD-CAM

Dental inlays are very aesthetic prosthetic works, similar to fillings, made in the laboratory based on impressions. This gives them a special aesthetic, the difference between the inlay and the natural tooth being almost imperceptible. This type of dental treatment is recommended as a more resistant and superior alternative. The inlays fit the tooth perfectly because they are created in the laboratory, following a digital impression, and are customized for each individual patient.
They are used in the treatment of :
– caries spread over several surfaces
– remake of old, voluminous fillings
– restoration of the occlusion in patients with abrasions or dental erosions.
With the help of the intraoral scanner, following the minimally invasive preparation of the cavities, the digital impression is registered.
With the help of a special computer program, the design of the restoration will be done.
Adaptation accuracy of the restoration at the edges of the preparation goes up to 15 microns due to the possibility of enlarging the three-dimensional model in this program and to perfectly
visualize all the details of tooth preparation.
After completing the design, we choose a ceramic cube of suitable size and the desired color. and insert it in the CAD-CAM unit where it will be milled. Cementation in the mouth is made with adhesive cements that offer an increased tightness compared to traditional cements.

Tooth whitening

External whitening with polarizing or laser light

Before starting the treatment, your doctor will protect your gums with a gel or a bandage.
Then, the hydrogen peroxide gel is applied and, with a special lamp, polarizing light or laser light will pe projected for an hour or two, depending on the chosen method.
Whitening therapy is painless and is considered an effective treatment. Treatment can be repeated two or three times, and the teeth will be up to eight shades whiter, depending on the initial colour. The result is instant, can last up to two to three years and can be repeated only after this period.

Dental jewelry

Dental jewelry is small pieces that can be a precious / non-precious stone (diamond, ruby, sapphire,emerald, Swarovski crystals) or a precious metal (gold, silver, platinum). The application technique is totally non-invasive, the jewel being applied on the tooth with a special adhesive. The whole procedure takes about 15-20 minutes, during which time the patient will not feel any discomfort. When the patient will no longer want the jewel on the tooth, the dentist will remove it and the tooth will go back to it’s original appearance. If the patient has good oral hygiene, dental jewelry can last up to 2-3 years.